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Why You Should Want to Shop from Lighting Buff

WARNING: What you're about to read is very different from the typical About Us page.

TJ - Lighting Specialist

Who am I?

I'm TJ, Senior Lighting Specialist at Lighting Buff. Yes, I am well aware that I may look young, but don't let that fool you. With over 10 years of expeirence in the lighting field, I am more than qualified to guide you in your voyage to choosing the perfect light fixture for your home.

FACT: There are over 318 different websites selling lighting fixtures online as of June 2012

ABOVE: A list of competitors all advertising at the same price for the same product (Source:

Here's the challenge

I'm going to let you in on a secret that the lighting manufacturers don't want me to share. There are over 200,000 lighting fixtures from over 2 dozen different manufacturers for sale. Most of the manufacturers have what is called MAP (minimum advertised pricing), which means that no one is allowed to advertise the products at a lower price than one another.


So if we can't offer customers better pricing on products, what can we offer you?

TJ's Promise (if that means anything to you)

Here's where my team stands out:

  1. Guidance: Choosing one fixture from over 200,000 can be a real pain. Easy to use filters allow you to sift through the products quickly. Informative videos (hosted by moi) discuss the most important elements to look for in home lighting. Our in-depth knowledgebase provides you with easy to understand explanations of lighting terminology.
  2. Service: Lots of places talk about having great service, but at Lighting Buff I make sure we actually deliver. Aside from friendly reps that will answer your calls and ensure your needs are met, we'll even go the extra mile BEFORE you make a purchase. I will personally respond to all email requests for a selection of TJ-recommended fixtures, no purchase necessary!
  3. Value: Although everyone sells most fixtures at the same price, we provide you value by making sure the fixture you purchase is the most appropriate for your needs, and your budget. Spending money on a fixture that is no good for your home, even if you got it at the lowest price, means you paid too much for that fixture. Let us know the fixture you have your eye on, and we'll usually find a cheaper (and often better) one that you can buy.


Lighting Buff's team are all Lighting professionals - that's all we do. Our company has been selling lighting for over 15 years. Our knowledge and experience is now there for you.


So what are you waiting for? Send me your biggest lighting challenge (small kitchen with dark walls, high ceiling loft, etc...) and put me to the test. Click contact TJ below or give one of our friendly reps a call at 866-961-3357. We'll make sure you get the fixture that is perfect for you.